Baby Girl Dreams Zine

On April 25th, 2015, Cósmica attended Brooklyn Zine Fest at the Brooklyn Historical society. The event was such a success as we met so many like-minded people,  sold a bunch of zines, and spread the Cósmica dream! Most notably, we debuted Cósmica’s second zine BABY GIRL DREAMS.  BABY GIRL DREAMS features submissions about girlhood and what it looked like. In a collage format, each Cósmica member as well as two close friends (film writer Vanessa Erazo and multidisciplinary artist Tamara Renee Davidson) pieced together photos, diaries, and memories to create a visual ofrenda to the little girl we once were.  If you’d like to purchase the zine, you can find it on our Etsy shop.

photo (1)     photo (2)