#AMC15: GIFs of the Future Gallery

The Graphic Interchange Format or “GIF” was developed in 1987 as a short animation that loops using timely delays. You might find the GIF roaming through the internet as a meme, a cinemagraph, and short graphic animation. It’s a new art form that can be really fun to create.

During our cosmic adventure at the Allied Media Conference, Itzel Alejandra taught a GIF making workshop where participants created a GIF honoring a chingona feminist!

[Side note: A LOT of Frida GIFs]

GIFs of the Future Gallery:



Gif-of-the-future (2)gif-of-the-future (7) gif-of-the-future (4)GIF-of-the-future GIF-of-the-future (5) GIF-of-the-Future-slowGIF-of-the-Future (6) GIF_Of_The_FutureAndrea-Gif    gif-of-the-future (1)Gifofthefuture (1)gif-of-the-future (3) gifgif_of_the_future (1) gifs-are-the-future2dift-of-the-future