Cósmica Zine Volume 2

Cósmica Zine Volume 2 explores the work we have created since our first art show in 2012. Purchase it on our shop

Art Girl Dreams Zine

Art Girl Dreams is a zine that includes 20 artist journeys Purchase it on our shop

Cósmica Quotes mini zine

Cósmica quotes is a mini zine filled with words from women artists that are relatable and encouraging during challenging times. Purchase it on our shop

Goddess Zine

Our Goddess Zine includes informational writings on the mythologies of 8 different goddesses from cultures through ancient times and other worlds. We’d like to resurrect and reinvigorate goddess culture so that we as feminine spirits can have knowledge of past civilizations that did not only revere male gods.  Cósmica members also made their own goddess art pieces in preparation for a collage workshop we did at the Allied Media Conference 2015 titled… Read More

Baby Girl Dreams Zine

On April 25th, 2015, Cósmica attended Brooklyn Zine Fest at the Brooklyn Historical society. The event was such a success as we met so many like-minded people,  sold a bunch of zines, and spread the Cósmica dream! Most notably, we debuted Cósmica’s second zine BABY GIRL DREAMS.  BABY GIRL DREAMS features submissions about girlhood and what it looked like. In a collage format, each Cósmica member as well as two close friends… Read More

Cósmica Zine #1

As a part of Cósmica: an art show we created a zine to showcase our work, including collage, photography, and poetry.  The zine is available for purchase on Etsy.