Manitas Art Show

We asked painters, collage artists, photographers, video artists and creative women from across the country to submit work around the theme of sisterhood. The body of work was powerful and varied and we learned so much from each piece.  Sol Collective hosted the art show and as always welcomed us into a beautiful space full of community and good vibes.          

Cósmica Zine Volume 2

Cósmica Zine Volume 2 explores the work we have created since our first art show in 2012. Purchase it on our shop

Art Girl Dreams Zine

Art Girl Dreams is a zine that includes 20 artist journeys Purchase it on our shop

Cósmica Visions Zine Release and Art Show

While in Los Angeles for LAABF, we released our zine Art Girl Dreams and collaborated with La Chamba Press and Mapache Jewelry to have an art event in Boyle Heights. We had poetry by Chicana Catwomyn, DJs Miss Shea Coco and Bianca Lexis and Venus Gurls.

Cósmica Quotes mini zine

Cósmica quotes is a mini zine filled with words from women artists that are relatable and encouraging during challenging times. Purchase it on our shop

High Line Teens Artivism Summit

High Line Teens, an organization that provides several events throughout the year for 14 to 19 year-olds in NYC, invited us to do a workshop at their Artivist Summit. We created a candle-honoring workshop that would teach the teens about different artivists and allow them to create a candle that would honor the spirit of art and activism. We also created a zine for teens to take home and read more about… Read More

Loisaida Fest: Candle-Making Workshop Honoring Womyn Revolutionaries

The yearly festival that celebrates the Latino community’s history in the Lower East Side graciously welcomed Cósmica to hold a candle-decorating workshop. We set up a tent and provided a free workshop to anybody wanting to make candles honoring women revolutionaries of New York. Here is the zine Nev Dzamonja created for the workshop. Take a look at all of the womyn revolutionaries she highlights!  

Women in Public Service Collage Workshop

Here is a pdf of a zine we made for a collage workshop at Kingsborough college honoring women in public service and government for Womens’ History Month. Check it out!

Social Justice Collage Workshop at Kingsborough Community College

Our workshop with an art history class at Kingsborough Community College was amazing! We got to work with 24 first and second year students interested in civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQI and AIDS Awareness, Environmental issues, children’s rights and religious tolerance. They made some wonderful collages you can see below:

Goddess Zine

Our Goddess Zine includes informational writings on the mythologies of 8 different goddesses from cultures through ancient times and other worlds. We’d like to resurrect and reinvigorate goddess culture so that we as feminine spirits can have knowledge of past civilizations that did not only revere male gods.  Cósmica members also made their own goddess art pieces in preparation for a collage workshop we did at the Allied Media Conference 2015 titled… Read More