Video Art

Call for submissions: Celestial Hearts Zine

There is something awe-inspiring about our universe and I burst like a supernova when I find someone to talk about astronomy with.  Celestial Hearts: deep connections with deep space will be a collection of stories, thoughts, and feelings about outer space by fellow celestial hearts; those who feel the tug of the universe. Share your stories about stargazing, astronomy class, a photo you took, something about space that inspired you to make art,… Read More

Honoring Our Sheros: Candle Series

Goddess Zine

Our Goddess Zine includes informational writings on the mythologies of 8 different goddesses from cultures through ancient times and other worlds. We’d like to resurrect and reinvigorate goddess culture so that we as feminine spirits can have knowledge of past civilizations that did not only revere male gods.  Cósmica members also made their own goddess art pieces in preparation for a collage workshop we did at the Allied Media Conference 2015 titled… Read More

Zine Making Workshop in Sunset Park

Working with Voces Ciudadanas, Cósmica members Itzel Martinez and Maribel Falcon led a zine-making workshop for kids from the neighborhood of Sunset Park. They each came up with an idea about a topic for their zine and cut up materials found in old magazines to create their own personal zine. Topics included space, bullying, dreams, exercise and comics! Here are some of the participants with their zines  😀